Add a Free Classifieds section to your web site!


Having a classifieds section on your web site is an excellent way to keep visitors on your site longer and returning more often. Now you can easily add a full-featured classifieds service to your web site without installing or configuring any software at all.

Possibly the best feature of this great new service is that your users will not be limited to ads by other users of your site. This rarely works, because there are too few ads and not enough readership. With this service, your users stay on your web site the whole time but share ads with users of many other web sites, and one of the most popular classified ad databases on the web, with thousands of new listings every day.

Your classifieds section can be called whatever you want, to match your site's title (see sample), and whenever a vistor enters through your site, all of the pages will display your site name. All that we require is a small 'Powered By: The Ad Net' logo at the bottom of the page. Another benefit of this free service is that it uses none of your system resources as all requests are processed by our server.

Note to owners of high traffic sites: For sites with more than 5000 visitors per day, we can custom design a classifieds section to match the rest of your site. Contact us to request this and be sure to include your site URL and traffic.

This is great, how do I get started?

How does this work?

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