Add a Free Classifieds section to your web site!

How to set up your own classifieds...

Setting up your classifieds section is extremely easy.

No sign up required.
No forms to fill out.
No software to download or install.
No waitiing.

Getting your classifieds section going is as simple as placing a custom link on your home page... our software handles the rest.

Choose a set-up type from the following:

My web site uses frames
My web site does not use frames but I would like to show banner ads
My web site does not use frames and I do not want to show banner ads

Special offer to owners of high traffic web sites
If your site has over 1000 visitors each day and you would like a classifieds site custom designed (at no charge) to match your other pages, please email us, and include your site's main URL for review..

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